Wir kümmern uns um Kreditversicherung und Kaution.

In many areas of entrepreneurial action, bonds are required. During tendering procedures, for example, they are supposed to reinforce the assurance that the order can be implemented. If the order is actually issued, a bond can secure its fulfilment as well as any subsequent warranty claims. Or: If one offers one’s own salaried employees semi-retirement, is it necessary to protect the wages and salaries accrued during the active phase in the case of bankruptcy during the passive phase.

Bonds – also called bonding insurance or sureties – can accomplish this. They are available on the insurance market for many individual needs and from several providers.

Examples of bonds are:

Warranty Bond
Security Mortgage
Contractual Performance Bond
Commercial Trade Supply Bond
Bid Bond
Down Payment Bond
Customs Bond
Rent Bond

A bonding insurance policy provides these advantages:


Bonding insurance policies create trust.


Bonding insurance policies do not impact the house bank’s credit line.


Bonding insurance policies are frequently cheaper than bank guarantees.

Bonding insurance policies are becoming more and more popular: Bonds in the amount of 64 billion euro were implemented solely in Germany alone in 2021 via this insurance product. (Source: GDV Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft / General Association of the German Insurance Industry)

If you conclude a bonding insurance policy, the insurer will vouch for you in dealings with your employer. The guarantee is created that you will be able to fulfil your obligation. In the case of non-fulfilment or unsatisfactory fulfilment, the bonding insurance policy will become effective. Conversely, in contrast to providing a cash deposit, you do not have to fear that your money will be lost in the case of your employer’s bankruptcy.

An essential advantage of bonding insurance policies is that they, in contrast to classical bank guarantees, to not impact the house bank’s credit lines. With a bonding insurance policy, you can offer security without sacrificing liquidity. In addition, as a rule, the fees and interest incurred are substantially lower.

The brokerage of customised bonding insurance policies is included in the core business of many brokers organised in BARDO. They provide consulting services in a provider-neutral manner.