Wir kümmern uns um Kreditversicherung und Kaution.

BARDO is an association of credit insurance brokers who are active worldwide. Our most important goal is to demand, promote and preserve fair and transparent performance-based competition on the national and international credit insurance markets. We bundle the interests of our members in their dealings with the credit insurers and place our primary focus on exerting influence in order to benefit the credit insurance market and the insurees.

We are the international lobby for the special brokers. We are not a commercial network.
We are obliged to undertake the national and international development of private credit insurance.
We subject ourselves to the fulfilment of the highest quality and training standards.

We are in principle remunerated through commissions.

We speak at eye level with the insurers – nationally and internationally and on behalf of our members.
We support our members on issues of a legal nature or any other nature.

How We Got Our Name

The professional profile of the insurance broker has a long tradition. Records from 1319 refer to Mr. Bardo from Pisa as the first insurance broker mentioned by name. The Hamburg Brokers’ Guidelines, in accordance with which only “good, capable persons are accepted as sworn brokers”, were issued in 1642.

In view of this tradition and the quality standards for working as a credit insurance broker, BARDO e. V. has made it its mission, among other things, to promote the service commitments of its members through the definition and monitoring of national and international performance standards. In addition, the training and continuing education in the segments of credit and fidelity insurance as well as bonding insurance are supposed to continue to be developed and promoted.